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At Vaughan Primary School, we are committed to providing enjoyable, engaging and stimulating learning experiences which will enable all pupils to be successful, regardless of their age, gender, disability, ethnicity or social group.

Special Educational Needs

We follow the London Borough of Harrow Guidelines for Learning Support in line with the National Code of Practice for the identification and assessment of Special Educational Needs. Pupils who are identified as having Special Educational Needs may be supported on an individual basis, in small groups or within the class through the differentiation of the curriculum.

The Inclusion Manager works with class teachers and other agencies e.g. The Visual and Hearing Impairment teams, the Sensory Team, Occupational and Speech and Language Therapists, support teachers and Educational Psychologists, to identify pupils’ special educational needs and advise class teachers and parents. A team of teaching assistants work under the direction of the Inclusion Manager and class teachers to support pupils’ learning in the classroom.

Provision for Disabled Pupils

Vaughan Primary School is committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for disabled pupils, staff and all who use the school. We believe that diversity is a strength which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit the school. All pupils with a physical disability and learning difficulties are made to feel very welcome by the school. Every attempt is made to fully meet their needs and ensure that, as far as possible, they have full access to the curriculum offered at Vaughan.

English as an Additional Language

Vaughan Primary School values the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences that pupils with EAL bring to the School .Strategies are used across the school to ensure that EAL pupils are supported in accessing the curriculum in order to become confident and fluent in English and to be able to fulfil their academic potential. 

New arrivals to the school have an induction with one to one support; this allows the children to establish routines and relationships and to settle quickly. 

Family Learning Workshops and events that are fun, practical and interactive are run for Reception and Year 1 parents. These sessions are designed to be show parents how they can work with their children at home.  At Vaughan, we believe that the partnership between home and school is crucial to the child’s progress and well-being.