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Learn With Us Summer Camp 2020

Learn With Us Summer Camp 2020 is a special place to learn.  They are offering free lessons for children during the summer holidays.  Please read their blurb below which gives you more information about this offer.

We would like to invite you to join us and help us deliver a meaningful impact.  At Learn With Us Summer Camp 2020 we have created a series of free lessons for children in the hope to grasp any opportunity to give our contribution to helping children to prosper, unlock their full potential and ultimately contribute to the world.

This summer there are even more of our disadvantaged primary school pupils around the world with parents who will not be in a position to help them with their learning.  Learn with Us Summer Camp 2020 provides free and ​continual inspiring educational programmes to keep pupils stimulated and involved in school-related experiences over the summer.

With the support of Laidlaw Schools Trust (LST) we have set up a free not-for-profit online channel on YouTube, and we designed it exclusively for kids: advertisements, comments, and stories are deactivated; so, it is safe for pupils. 

The summer camp will officially start on Monday the 20th of July and it will be run until the 5th of September 2020.  We are always looking to broaden our reach to help more pupils and we wonder whether you would like to join us and consider sharing this summer camp with your teachers, pupils, and with their parents.  There will be plenty of free lessons, activities, and extra practice in case pupils would like to do more.  They will be learning about foreign languages and culture, space and planets, living beings and non-living beings, the human body, the arctic, desert, rainforest, Harry Potter and more to come.