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RHE Parent Information Meeting

On Tuesday 27th February we held a parent information meeting regarding the RHE (Relationships & Health Education) curriculum.

We believe that promoting the health and wellbeing of our pupils is an important part of their overall education.  We do this through our personal, social, health and emotional (PSHE) curriculum.  PSHE covers many topics including all kinds of relationships, physical/emotional health and the skills needed to live in the wider world.  The aim of our PSHE curriculum is to help pupils make safe and informed decisions during their school years and beyond.

Relationships, Health Education (RHE) is the statutory element of our PSHE curriculum and all schools in England are required to teach.

RHE is a carefully planned curriculum and is there to ensure our pupils can navigate the world around them safely.

Please find below, the PowerPoint presentation, which was shared during the parent information meeting.