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Friends of Vaughan

What is Friends of Vaughan?

The Parent Teachers Association also known as Friends of Vaughan School (FoV), is the registered charity (no. 1029914) that exists as the fundraising body of the school that organise the extracurricular and social activities for parents and children throughout the year.

The funds raised by these activities and events, goes directly towards equipment, facilities and experiences for the direct benefit of the school’s children. The Friends of Vaughan School meet once a half term to get together, share ideas and plan activities. We have a range of parents involved in our work, each volunteering different amounts of time and helping in a wide variety of ways. Vaughan has always been known for its great community feel and the activities organised by the Friends of Vaughan School help make the school what it is.

We are always looking for more people to get involved and for new ideas, so please come to the meetings or get in touch on Thanks for your support! 

Introducing the Committee

Mrs Lizzie O'Connor






Aveen Zangana
Vice Chair







Sonal Patel

How to get involved?

All Vaughan parents and carers are part of the Friends of Vaughan School and are invited to all meetings and to get involved. Being involved is rewarding as well as enjoyable. We have a light-hearted attitude and make things fun.

In order to function properly as a PTA, Friends of Vaughan School as some core roles that are filled by parent volunteers: the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Other people attend as members, sharing ideas or giving time to support specific fundraising activities. The duties of members are not onerous, parents can give a little time or more, it’s up to you. Please take part so that together we can support our school, raise funds and make school life even better.

What do parents say about us?

“I helped out at the Fun Day last year. I really enjoyed putting my organisational skills into practice helping plan out the stalls and food for the day. I liked being part of the small group that planned the event. We had quite a laugh too. As a parent of a child in Reception, I found it a good way to get to know some other parents and hear their experiences, as the whole school environment was new to me. On the day it was amazing. Such as buzz to know that I helped make the Fun Day happen and my children were so proud of me. I’m going to help again next year.”

“I support the Friends of Vaughan School via my wife. She seems to get involved in lots of different activities and I’m there behind the scenes helping her. Like stuffing envelopes with raffle tickets and laminating posters. I don’t mind spending a bit of time of an evening as I know those few hours are helping the school.”

“Over the past 10 years I have been part of many different teams that organise the PTA events and it has been great.  I have made some friends that will hopefully last me a lifetime!  Most of the time the event management side of the activities is a lot of fun though there are times when you want to scream!  I have loved seeing the Fun Day, the Sports Cafe and the Borough Sports Cafe just get better and better over the years. I think the 'community' feel about Vaughan is really important and I have always felt that it is through these sorts of events that the school remains that bit different and that bit more special for our children.  At times it has been hardwork but I really would recommend being part of these teams and getting involved in the school - the pay back is well worth it and your children are so proud of you!”

“I helped with the Fun Day when my daughter started in Reception. I wasn’t sure how much time I could commit to, but ended up taking over the organising of the tombola from another parent. There was help from other parents and it didn’t take up much time at all. It was fun coordinating it all and my daughter is really proud that I get involved. My workplace also has a Matching Gift Programme which means that my efforts get an extra boost.”

"I started helping when my son was in reception.  I wanted to give a little to the school to make a fun and enjoyable environment for the children.  As a result my son is so proud that his mum is helping at school and takes great pride in his school.  I have gained new friends and new skills along the way.  It is good fun and rewarding."

"I have 4 children and have been connected with Vaughan School since my eldest daughter started in 2003. Prior to having children I worked as an accountant and have been Treasurer of Friends of Vaughan School/Vaughan School PTA since 2010."