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Please click on the links below to access recent letters sent to parents and carers.

Year 6 Swimming in September 2021

This letter was emailed to Year 5 parents on Thursday 22nd July and is available to view in a link below.


Dear Parents and Carers


Following the parents meeting yesterday, please find attached further relevant information regarding swimming lessons in the Autumn Term for your child.

Pupils in Year 6 will be swimming from Thursday 9th September 2021 and the last session will be on 16th December 2021.

Swimming requirements

The Harrow Schools’ policy for swimming (see Harrow Schools’ Guidelines for Swimming) is that children should not wear goggles.  The objectives of these lessons are to teach children to swim, enhance swimming skills and to survive in the water. The lessons will take place on a Thursday morning.

Those children who suffer from extreme eye irritation, caused by chemicals in the pool, can wear goggles only if permission is requested on the form attached.  I appreciate we have a number of club swimmers and that goggles are often necessary when in the water for long training periods, but the school swimming lesson lasts only 30 minutes and most children should not need them.

The other requirements for swimming are as follows:

  • For reasons of personal hygiene and safety all children are required to wear a swimming hat during lessons.
  • One-piece swimming costumes for girls and swimming trunks (above the knee, not boxer/Bermuda shorts) for boys.  They also need a large, named towel and a waterproof bag for their kit.  Girls may like a second towel for their hair.
  • Children are allowed to bring roll-on deodorants, but not sprays.
  • Please ensure ALL swimming items and uniform is labelled with your child’s name.
  • Your son/daughter is encouraged to bring a healthy snack to eat after swimming (fruit/vegetables).  Please remember we are a nut free school.

As stated in the parents meeting, swimming lessons are part of the National Curriculum and the school is funded to provide these sessions.  However, the cost of transporting pupils to the swimming pool is not, and due to a reduced budget, and after approval from the Governing Body, the school has no option but to request a voluntary contribution of £20.00 in order for us to transport your child to and from the swimming pool during the Autumn term.  

The school will set up payments for pupils using the Schoolmoney payment system and this can be accessed in the usual way as you would to pay for a school trip.  It is with regret that this request is being made but it will go a long way in ensuring that your child is able to complete the swimming programme on offer.

Medical Information

To enable us to up-date our records could you all please complete the form attached, indicating whether or not your child has a medical condition (e.g. asthma, epilepsy).  If your child has any medication, please include this information on the form.  If there is an occasion when your child is unable to go swimming, we must have a letter from parents.  If your child needs to be absent from swimming for a long period of time, a medical certificate will be required to explain why.

Additional Information

The highest levels of behaviour and respect to all adults are expected at all times and we would be grateful if you would discuss appropriate behaviour with your child. The Behaviour Policy will be in operation during swimming visits and all pupils will be expected to adhere to it as they would do in the school setting.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely


Covid Protocols from Monday 19th July and End of Term Arrangements

This letter was emailed to parents of children in Nursery to Year 5 on Friday 16th July and is available to view in a link below. 


Dear Parents / Carers


The government have announced that on Monday 19th March Covid restrictions will be relaxed across England.  I need to inform all parents and carers that as a school we will be continuing with the Covid protocols which we have had in place for the last 4 days of the summer term.

This means that we will still be using a one-way system and we would still prefer parents to be wearing masks on site for the safety of everyone in the school community.

Please remember, if your child exhibits any symptoms related to COVID-19 or is unwell, do not send them to school.  COVID-19 symptoms are also extended to headaches, vomiting, diarrhoea and body pain.  If any family members in the household are exhibiting symptoms and waiting for PCR test results then pupils should not be at school.  If parents are not sure what to do then please contact the school and ask.  The Year 6 cohort is out of school, and will not be returning, due to a positive case where a child was sent to school whilst awaiting a test result.  This is not acceptable and has ruined the end of primary school for a whole year group of pupils.  Pupils may be involved in ‘fun’ activities in the last week but parents need to be responsible.  Other opportunities will arise for your child in the future.


Thursday 22nd July 2021

As we come to the end of the Summer Term, I would like to share the arrangements for collection for all pupils who are currently attending school.  These arrangements are in line with the current staggered pick up procedures for all year groups, so we ask that parents adhere to the timings below:

  • Reception pupils will finish school promptly at 1.00 pm
  • Year 1 pupils will finish school promptly at 1.10 pm
  • Year 2 pupils will finish school promptly at 1.10 pm
  • Year 3 pupils will finish school promptly at 1.20 pm
  • Year 4 pupils will finish school promptly at 1.30 pm
  • Year 5 pupils will finish school promptly at 1.35 pm

Morning Nursery timings will be as normal (8.40 am to 11.40 am).  There is no Afternoon Nursery on this day.  After School Club finishes at 4.00 pm on this day.

Important changes to contact tracing at the end of term

Please see the news story on the school website linked to changes in reporting positive cases after school closes on Thursday 22nd July:

I would like to wish all our families a restful summer holiday.  Thank you for all your support this year during this incredibly difficult time.  Stay safe, take care of yourselves and each other.

Yours sincerely