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School Meals

Taylor Shaw is one of the UK's leading specialist caterers in the education sector and is part of the world renowned Elior Group.

Taylor Shaw operate throughout the UK and they are responsible for the school meals service at Vaughan, providing freshly prepared food that contributes to the wellbeing of young people in their learning environment. We know that Taylor Shaw will provide freshly prepared food, a nutritionally balanced diet and innovative menus.

Taylor Shaw will ensure that all students have access to a healthy and affordable choice to eat each day, with options to meet the needs of everyone, including those with notified special dietary requirements. All of our new menus will be fully compliant with the government’s School Food Plan.

If you currently provide your child with food from home, this is the perfect time to consider a school meal as an alternative, as our new menus are highly popular with students. Children in Years Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to Universal infant Free School Meals which is funded by the Government. In addition, in the academic year 2023/24 meals for Key Stage 2 Pupils (Years 3 through to 6) are fully funded for London Boroughs by the Mayor in response to challenges due to cost of living. 

Meals should be paid for in advance and as such as we are now asking parents to share the menu with your child(ren), discuss the menu offerings and pre-book your lunchtime choices via new functionality in the Arbor system. 

All orders are sent to the kitchen and the food is prepared, therefore this charge will remain billable to parents, unless the request is received in writing before 9.00 am on the first day of absence. 

During the course of the academic year, we will have a number of specially crafted menus which have specific curriculum links or mark special events and celebrations within the school calendar. 

Free school meals

All children in London primary schools are eligible for a free school meal during the academic year 2023-2024. 

The school can benefit from extra funding if you think you could be entitled to Pupil Premium (previously called benefit-related free school meals).  You can apply at  If you need any help, the school office can also apply on your behalf.  You will need to supply your full name, date of birth and national insurance number in order for the school to check on your behalf. 

Medical diet

If your child requires a medical diet due to a food allergy, food intolerance or a medical condition that requires an adapted menu (e.g. carbohydrate count for Type 1 Diabetes), please follow this link to request a medical diet:

For further support, please refer to the Parent User Guide.